ABOX V69 Vacuum Sealer Machine

$45.99 USD
$39.99 USD

Brand: ABOX
Manufacturer Part Number: CA-VacuumSealer-V69   

♥ Measures 14.6*3.03*2.2 inches, weighs 1.63 lbs, 5 feet detachable cord, compact design that you can put anywhere, large space is no need to be taken up

♥ ABOX 4 in 1 vacuum sealer machine designed owing Vac Seal, Soft Seal and Seal function, suitable for different food preservation. Outside vac can be used for canisters, jars, wine bottle, etc

♥ Automatic vacuum air sealing system offers the best sealing jobs. While the digital one-touch buttons with LED indicator lights that make the operation more convenient

♥ Exclusively-designed. Equipped with 2 magnets at the bottom, it can be adsorbed on the refrigerator or other irons, easy ingathering

♥ Confidently keep fresh for meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits, herbs and marinated food and more. Ideal for home use or outdoor activities

Technical Specs:

· High-Power Suction Element: 105 Watt
· Vacuum Seal Time: 10-20s
· Single Seal Time: 6-15s
· Vacuum Degree: -40Kpa/-70Kpa
· Sealable Bags: Environment-Friendly Polyamide
· Power: 100-240VAC
· Dimensions (L x W x H):37.3cm x 7.7x 5.6 cm
· Weight: 1.04KG

Package includes:

1 x Vacuum Sealer
1 x Vacuum Air Hose
10 x Vacuum Bags
1 x User Instruction

Enjoy Versatility And Convenience.

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