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Brand: ABOX                                 

[Health & Profession] ABOX Food Vacuum Sealer Machine only takes 10-20 seconds vacuum seal time to help you keep food fresh, deoxidize, stay away from germs, insects and food spoilage. Fast vacuum speed and 7 times longer preservation time help save your time and money.
[5 Modes for Different Foods] 2 sealing modes - Dry for a solid item and Moist for wet food; 2 different pressure levels - Normal for common foods and Gentle for delicate food. When vacuuming, you can control pumping speed by pressing "Vac&Seal" and "Stop" repeatedly to prevent food crushing, such as bread, cookies. Air suction hose can be used for canisters, mason jar lids, wine bottle etc.
[Smart & Easy Operation] Just one-touch control “Seal” or "Vac&Seal", or "Stop" at any time when working. Suitable for everyone especially beginners! You can just “Seal” the vacuum bag with it, or "Vac&Seal" your lovely food at one time. It can automatically seal or vacuum all air out within seconds.
[Safe & Hygiene] Unlike other products, it provides humanized Built-in Cutter & Bag Storage Through. It not only ensures the bag free of contaminated but avoids you and child hurting.
[Strong Suction & Good Sealing] Widen seal strip design improves seal tightness without air leak when working, superior quality to other products. In addition, it adopts upgrade technology to quicken heat dissipation and automatic overheat protection, prolonging life.


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