ABOX Massage Gun ABOX Massage Gun Reach 12 mm with 30 Speeds 8 Massage Heads - MG-008
ABOX Massage Gun ABOX Massage Gun Reach 12 mm with 30 Speeds 8 Massage Heads - MG-008
ABOX Massage Gun ABOX Massage Gun Reach 12 mm with 30 Speeds 8 Massage Heads - MG-008
ABOX ABOX Massage Gun Reach 12 mm with 30 Speeds 8 Massage Heads - MG-008
ABOX ABOX Massage Gun Reach 12 mm with 30 Speeds 8 Massage Heads - MG
ABOX ABOX Massage Gun Reach 12 mm with 30 Speeds 8 Massage Heads - MG-008
ABOX ABOX Massage Gun Reach 12 mm with 30 Speeds 8 Massage Heads - MG
ABOX ABOX Massage Gun Reach 12 mm with 30 Speeds 8 Massage Heads - MG
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  • Ultra Powerful: ABOX MG-009 uses a 30W high-torque brushless motor to ensure power, can produce up to 3200 rpm to reach tissue as deep as 12mm, helping to relieve muscle soreness, relax and shape different muscle parts.
  • Ultra Quiet Technology: Thanks to the quiet glide noise reduction technology and high-precision mold that makes the machine head and the body tightly connected, MG-008 brings you a low noise experience of 35-45 dB.
  • 8 Hours Long Battery Life: The massage gun with 2600mAh high-quality lithium battery, and can work continuously for about 8 hours per charge. The LCD display and battery indicator allow you to see the battery level at a glance.
  • 30 Speeds & 8 Massage Heads: MG-008 subdivides 30 speeds that the user can choose speed based on their muscle group and preferences. Equipped with 8 different shapes of massage heads, helping users relax muscles, relieve muscle pain, and shape different muscle parts. Great for sports beginners, office home use, professional athletes, physical therapist.
  • Waterproof & Anti-Slip Handle Design: This handheld massager ergonomic design allows you to use without slipping while sweating after every exercise, with a portable suitcase that is enough to hold the massage gun and all the accessories on the go.

Powerful Brushless Motor

ABOX massage gun equipped with a powerful 48mm diameter 24V high torque brushless motor, offers up to 12mm width at 30 different speeds, allowing each percussion to be perfect.

Vibration Depth 12 mm

With 12mm amplitude, ABOX made the difference, can effectively help relieve pain after heavy training, prevent injury, promote overall range of motion.

Longer Duration

Equipped with high quality 2600mAh lithium battery, ABOX massage gun can keep working about 6-10h after every 3h charge. Besides, it has a 30-minute smart shutdown to saves energy.

Anti-slip Handle

ABOX MG-008 deep tissue massager comes with an ergonomic designed handle, you can firmly grip it and massage almost any part of your body.  

Quiet and Effective

Equipped with 12V Brushless high-torque motor and unique Quiet Glide technology fairly reduce noise. The optimized motor with noise effectively reduced by 30% .

Lightweight in hand

The weight is 0.94 kg. Women can also carry it easily. Even if you use it continuously for more than 15 minutes, you won't feel very heavy. A true wireless portable massage gun.

Ball Head: It has a considerably large surface area and works best for larger muscle groups of the body. It is also helpful for deep massages and muscle toning. We used it for lower hip muscles, wings, and chest; it worked pretty well for them all.

Bullet head: This attachment has a tapered edge that is helpful in joint massages. You can easily use it for the inner knees and elbow sections. The head is also ideal for precise power delivery for smaller muscle groups.

U-shape Head: This head has a ‘U’ shaped twin edges called the fork attachment. The head is specific for the spinal areas. It helps you to massage areas around the vertebrates and reduce nerve pressure. We also used it for the neck area, and the performance was satisfactory.

Flat Head: It attachment is a universal type of massaging attachment. You can use it for almost every part of the body, including calves, shoulders, and chest. We would suggest it for larger areas as it has a fairly large surface area. The small spikes on this head further improve its results.



1. How to choose a professional massage gun? -
The factors include but are not limited to the following factors: motor, hitting strength, endurance, noise, number of massage heads, the weight of product and so on. For ordinary people, daily relaxation and massage, the motor speed is 1600rpm-2400rpm to meet the demand. For professionals, the motor speed should reach 2500rpm-3200rpm and amplitude of speed should 12mm, which is enough to meet the Professional needs.
2. What ABOX Massage Gun can give you? -
ABOX massage gun has 30 adjustable speeds, which can reach a speed of 1200-3200RPM; 8 replaceable massage heads spas for each muscle group; 35 to 45 dB allows you to enjoy the massage without disturbing.
3. Who Suit for ABOX Professional Massage Gun? -
Professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, physical therapists, massages for the elderly, sedentary office workers, teachers.
4.Where is it used? -
If the massage gun is too loud when used (> 55-60dB), it is not suitable for use in a quiet environment (home/office), or it is easy to disturb others (in the gym). ABOX MG-008 effectively solved this problem, reducing overall noise levels without sacrificing amplitude, frequency, and torque, to keep the noise level from 35 to 45 dB. Equipped with a carry bag, which is convenient to carry and travel with it."
5. Why choose ABOX professional massage gun? -
For fitness enthusiasts and new users: Select low frequency speed (1-10). You can use it to warm up or relax your muscles after exercise and promote blood circulation. It can replace stretching exercises in daily exercise.For professional athletes: Select high frequency speed (10-30). The vibration is 12 mm and the speed is 3300 RPM. It can effectively help relieve muscle pain, speed up muscle repair, and promote blood circulation. Activate, soothe or relax muscles.