ABOX Blood Glucose Meter


ABOX Blood Glucose Meter, Codefree Glucometer Kit with 25 Strips, 25 Lancets, Travel Case, Control Solution, and Note Pad, the Complete package of blood sugar monitoring system for diabetes control.

  • Accurate Results: 8-electrode test strips with the world's leading special algorithms eliminates interference caused by various factors, such as temperature, humidity, HCT, etc. The silver electrode has a superconductivity, which makes the reading more accurate, with a difference of only ± 0.02% with the hospital's biochemical professional analyzer.
  • Easy and Painless Use: ABOX glucometer can be used all batches of test strips directly. Adjustable puncture device of 5 degrees of configuration, allow you to lance 0.5μl blood without pain and get readings after only 5 seconds. The used strip removal with a single click prevents contamination and allows you to use it safely. Easy to operate, suitable for seniors.
  • Complete Glucometer Package: ABOX blood glucose meter kit offers everything you need to perform accurate blood sugar tests: ABOX blood glucose monitor x 1 + x 25 test strips + lancing device + lancets x 25 + control solution + travel case + notebook + Spanish user manual + batteries x 2. You can start testing as soon as the kit arrives.
  • Large Capacity of 900 Data: ABOX glucometer has a large capacity of up to 900 data and preprandial and postprandial marker, it can offer the average of readings of 7/14/30 days. You can get the precise data at the temperature between 5-45°C and within HTC from 20% -70%. Even people with high blood lipids or anemia use it, the results are still accurate.
  • Reliable Guarantee and Friendly Service: ABOX glucometer has been approved the latest global standards: ISO 15197: 2015. All components of the ABOX glucometer kit have a 3-year warranty (provided exclusively by ABOX) and permanent technical support. ABOX family health series is dedicated to providing professional and comfortable home care.

         Product ID: 58FA4E01F2802294

         ASIN: B07DMYRB97

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