ABOX Massage Gun 009 (Not for USA) - ABOXMassage Gun
ABOX Massage Gun 009 (Not for USA) - ABOXMassage Gun
ABOX Massage Gun 009 (Not for USA) - ABOXMassage Gun
ABOX Massage Gun 009 (Not for USA) - ABOXMassage Gun
ABOX Massage Gun 009 (Not for USA) - ABOXMassage Gun
ABOX Massage Gun 009 (Not for USA) - ABOXMassage Gun
ABOX Massage Gun 009 (Not for USA) - ABOXMassage Gun
ABOX Massage Gun 009 (Not for USA)
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  • Adjustable Speed: 30 Levels (1200-3300 RPM)
  • Working Time: 6-10 hs (2600mAh)
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Working Noise: 35-45dB
  • Amplitude: 12mm
  • Power of Brushless Motor: 30W
  • Operation Model: LCD Touch Screen
  • Features: Low Noise&Multi-Speed Levels&Multi-Massage Heads
  • Accessories: Massage Head x8 with Carriyng Bag
  • Suitable for: New user/Gym-goers/ Physiotherapist


  • 1 x Massage Gun
  • 8 x Massage Heads
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Carrying Case
  • 1 x Manual User

Product Description

【DEEP MUSCLE RELAXATION】 ABOX Massage Gun can deeply relieve the body's soreness through deep and powerful muscle massage after exercise. High quality leather non-slip handle, anti-sweat, non-slip, for comfortable use. It can also be used to prepare the body during the warm-up before exercise.
【POWERFUL BUT SUPER QUIET】The handheld massage gun has a 30W brushless motor and quiet glide noise reduction technology, so can up to max 3200 percussions per minute, the noise can be greatly reduced to 42-50DB. Therefore, you can use it at home, at the gym, and at any time without disturbing others
【8 MASSAGE HEADS, 30 LEVELS OF INTENSITY】 Different 8 massage heads and 30-speed levels provide a relaxing massage for every muscle need. It reduces bone and muscle damage that might occur in one-level intensity massage guns used for sensitive muscles. Our percussion massager equipped with LCD touch screen showing speed levels
【Porous Ventilation, Efficient Heat Dissipation】The impact type massage gun has an efficient cooling air groove, which can effectively dissipate the air duct, reduce the heat during the use of the machine, improve the power performance and extend the life cycle of the motor
【LIGHTWEIGHT, CARRYING CASE INCLUDED】Only 2.07 lbs, ergonomic and easy-to-use. Its compact size and case make it easy to carry to use at work/gym and while traveling. Otherside, We offer 3 Months MONEY BACK and 1 Year Warranty

Removable Battery

Example title

ABOX massage gun is equipped with AI design circuit. Improve energy efficiency and safety. In addition, it also has a smart shutdown function (every 30 minutes). It can save energy intelligently. Allow battery life to reach 6-10 hours.

Vibration Depth 12 mm

The vibration of the ABOX massage gun is 12 mm, which has a better therapeutic effect. After intense training, pain can be effectively reduced. Speed up the repair of injured muscle tissue. Promote blood circulation.

Tip: Only when the vibration depth reaches 12 mm can the deep muscle groups be effectively activated.

Professional Brushless Motor

The ABOX massage gun is equipped with a brushless motor that can provide up to 45W of power. It provides strong vibration and it can deeply massage muscle groups.

Powerful, but quiet. The noise is less than 45 dB. Excellent heat dissipation performance extends the life of the motor by 30%. You can relax and enjoy massage moments in comfort.

Anti-slip Handle

ABOX MG-009 deep tissue massager comes with an ergonomic designed handle, you can firmly grip it and massage almost any part of your body.  

Quiet and Effective

Equipped with 12V Brushless high-torque motor and unique Quiet Glide technology fairly reduce noise. The optimized motor with noise effectively reduced by 30% .

Lightweight in hand

The weight is 0.94 kg. Women can also carry it easily.Even if you use it continuously for more than 15 minutes, you won't feel very heavy. A true wireless portable massage gun.



1. Why does the newly bought unit not power on after charging for 6 hours? -
Make sure the switch on the battery is turned on. the power button on the back screen will power on when pressed.
2.Which head should you use when massaging your neck? -
Try each head and see what works for you. I find the rounded head the most comfortable.
3. How much does this weigh? -
The gun without attachments weighs exactly 1lb 13oz. The attachments vary is size but the biggest weighs less than a full ounce.
4.Is the motor brushless? -
Yes. The brushless motor makes this device very quiet as compared to ones I have used before and the battery life is excellent!
5. Why choose ABOX professional massage gun? -
For fitness enthusiasts and new users: Select low frequency speed (1-10). You can use it to warm up or relax your muscles after exercise and promote blood circulation. It can replace stretching exercises in daily exercise.For professional athletes: Select high frequency speed (10-30). The vibration is 12 mm and the speed is 3300 RPM. It can effectively help relieve muscle pain, speed up muscle repair, and promote blood circulation. Activate, soothe or relax muscles.