Soundbar or Speakers? What's the Difference?

Woman sitting in living room with TV

With the influx of flat screens and advancement of display technology in recent years, it's common to see a Smart TV in most households. People can now stream high-quality movies and shows on demand without having to visit the cinema or wait for an episode to air. The problem is, the listening experience seems to be lagging behind the viewing experience as we reach the age of super-slim 4k TVs that can't accommodate a solid built-in sound source.

To match sight and sound we've come to rely on external speaker systems, and the notion is that sound systems are a necessity for a complete viewing experience. This concept has grown to the point that some sound systems not only become a hassle to install, they end up costing more than the TV itself.

ABOX Soundbar and Subwoofer

Introducing the soundbar, a long and slim speaker that integrates most audio needs without the clutter, hassle, or cost. Unlike home theater speakers, soundbars are a type of loudspeaker designed with multiple built-in speakers to project stereo sound that fills the room. Modern soundbars have evolved to deliver top-quality sound while supporting convenient features like Bluetooth, and they take up minimal space with a sleek design and quick set-up so you never have to worry about organizing wires or finding room for the speakers.

With soundbars almost always being cheaper for comparable sound quality, they're a powerful alternative to traditional speak systems, but they also have their shortcomings. High-end speaker systems will still outperform soundbars in quality and volume, and current soundbars won't be able to deliver the same level of surround sound. There's also little to no customization when setting up a soundbar, but ultimately the preference is yours.

The next time you shop for a new sound system, just remember there could be a better alternative to suit your needs!

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