Have you heard about percussion therapy?

Have you heard about percussion therapy?
It’s called a massage gun! This tool resembles a staple gun with foam balls of varying sizes attached to the end and applies a rapid concussive moment to your muscles when applied.

It’s especially popular with those involved in professional sports: look hard enough in the spaces around professional baseball, football, and basketball teams, and you’ll find a massage gun somewhere.

This new product has many uses, though, and it’s not just a tool for a pro athlete. It can be used anywhere, from the offices of doctors and physical therapists, or even in your own home!

Physical Therapy

A massage gun looks a lot like some kind of power tool, but it doesn’t belong on dad’s workbench! Instead, you’re more likely to find it on the sidelines of a sports game, or in the office of a practitioner of sports-related physical therapy. There’s a reason this odd-looking tool has become a favorite of athletes and their doctors: it gets the job done.

If you’re a physical therapist, you might want to look into this unique solution.

The massage gun provides something called “percussive muscle therapy”, in which the rapid percussive nature of the massage gun increases blood flow to the affected area, relieving muscle pain related to overexertion, and reducing significant healing time by directing blood flow to where it needs to be and helping increase range of motion in stiff or injured muscles.


Chiropractors, rejoice! The massage gun is the perfect compliment for your traditional therapies. One of the huge benefits of massage guns is that they break up lactic acid buildup, and if you’ve ever treated someone with a bad case of “tech neck” – that is, someone who has spent too much time at the computer! – you know that lactic acid buildup can sometimes lead to painful trigger points and even difficulty moving the head!

While traditional chiropractic therapies can correct this, the massage gun is also a great way to combat stiffness related to the neck and back. The brain-tricking properties of percussive muscle therapy can help immensely, especially when dealing with lactic acid buildup.

While the massage gun is not a medical tool directly related to the spine, it can help relax the muscles around it, and depending on the patient, offer a much less painful experience than traditional therapies usually afford.

Massage Gun Benefits For Athletes

Are you an avid Crossfit enthusiast? Do you spend a lot of time playing sports or otherwise working out? If so, then you might want to consider getting a massage gun. The benefits of a massage gun are at their height for people working out regularly. We’ve already talked about the buildup of lactic acid, and how the massage gun safely disperses the buildup.

For avid fitness enthusiasts, you experience lactic acid buildup nearly daily, muscle soreness is just par for the course, especially as you get older. Another benefit for athletes?

The massage gun increases blood flow, so if you do accidentally injure yourself, you’ll be able to encourage rapid healing by using the massage gun (carefully!) on the affected area. Just like you’d protect your body by choosing the right shoes for running, or the right gym equipment for lifting, the muscle gun is the right piece of equipment for after a workout.

If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to encourage rapid healing, skip the muscle soreness, and ensure that lactic acid buildup is dispersed, then invest in a massage gun. Before too long, it’ll become as much a part of your gym kit as your water bottle.

Massage Gun For Personal Use

Just in case you think a massage gun is a piece of equipment only serious professionals use, think again Massage guns have a lot of great benefits. We’ve talked about the ways they encourage healing and relieve pain, but did you know that prolonged use can also break up scar tissue, release knots in your tense back (thanks, office work), generally decrease stress and tension? Today’s world is full of stress, and your body feels it!

Taking good care of yourself can mitigate some of the effects, so working out, eating well, and treating yourself to things like hot baths and soothing herbal teas can alleviate some of it, but not all.  Stress-related injury or illness can kill, so that’s why having a piece of equipment like a massage gun can help offset the effects. Get the knots out of your back after a long day, or get the blood flowing to a particularly achy knee.

Care for your body after a long workout by dispersing lactic acid buildup, or even use the equipment to minimize scars help increase range of motion in stiff muscles. We can’t do anything about what’s happening in the world around us, but we can try to mitigate the effects.

Since you’ve only got one body, it’s important to invest in its relaxation and prolonged health.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the massage gun is more than just specialized equipment, and these are just a few of it’s uses.

Whether it’s on the sports field, in the chiropractor’s office, or even just in your home, anywhere an increase in blood flow would be useful to encourage the body’s natural healing processes, you’ll find a use for the massage gun.

What do you think about this hot new product? Is there a part of your life you think it could improve? 

That means if you have a patient suffering from some sort of injury related to overexertion, or if you’re a physical therapist, this tool might be one you need in your arsenal. Percussive muscle therapy can be the secret to getting the relief that you can’t find anywhere else.

What’s the secret, you say? The massage gun tricks the nervous system by moving faster than the pain signal that your nerve endings are sending, allowing the affected muscle to relax. That means less pain, faster, so you can get your patients on the mend as soon as possible.

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